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Email Protection

  • We employ best-of-breed technologies to mitigate the risk of receiving spam or an email containing a virus.  * Phishing filters help ensure you do not fall victim to email tricking you into providing login credentials. 

  • Anti-impersonation filters mean your staff never get an email purporting to be from you, asking they buy 30 iTunes gift cards and replying with the verification codes! 

  • Mailboxes are backed up multiple times a day and retained indefinitely while you maintain your relationship with Suite418, protecting you from accidental or malicious deletion of email. 

  • Every email sent to, or from, any of your managed domains is archived for up to 30 years. The archive service complies with Australian Government guidelines and regulations.

  • No more bounce-backs to your customers if your server goes down, noting, Microsoft servers do sometimes go down! Emails are queued until the server comes back online. In the unlikely event of an extended outage, users can access and respond to the queued email using a web-based email client.

Information Protection
  • Microsoft keeps deleted items for up to 30 days. 

  • Our regular daily backups, retained indefinitely while you maintain your relationship with Suite418, means that "Doh!" moment after 30 days need not hurt! 

  • Copy/paste/print/share/download can be disabled for important intellectual property. 

  • We ensure data on your Cloud file server can be read/changed/shared by only those users who need that level of access.

Business Lunch
All you can eat Support
  • Your team can contact us via phone, email and/or our app, installed on managed laptops and PCs. 

  • You can involve us in any discussion containing relevant IT content with any of your external suppliers.

  • Suite418 prioritises support tasks. Anything falling outside the scope of support is reclassified as a project. Projects are scoped and quoted separately.

  • All Windows laptops and PCs are routinely re-imaged every 2 years to ensure they are keep running smoothly.

  • We work with you to develop a Standard Operating Environment (SOE), ensuring each device looks and feels the same.

  • The SOE includes a remote management and monitoring tool that alerts us to any impending failures before they impact you.

  • We are NOT just a helpdesk! You will see us onsite whenever you need us.

Whiskey Bottles

Keep your
IT smooth.

Suite418 delivers your just desserts

ie: The benefits you deserve

Why Suite418 keeps all your
support in Australia

The Australian environment, business structure and governance present unique challenges to SMBs. That's where local knowledge really comes to the fore.

If you are facing an IT emergency, it's the immediacy of direct contact with your support team that is important at that time. No connection delays, no misunderstandings, no half-solutions.

We frequently visit our clients at their places of business, and that's something an off-shore call centre just can't do.Suite418 does NOT engage any offshore IT service providers. You will always speak with someone from Suite418 in Australia.


We currently support businesses from Mission Beach to the Mornington Peninsula; from Warriewood to Warren! Let us put your location on our radar!

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